Colossians 2:12 “having been buried with Him in baptism, in which you were also raised up with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead.”
Hello my fellow believer. It is such a blessing to look back at your birth in the form of baby pictures. In our text we have a picture of your new birth. The first birth brought you forth in iniquity but this second birth brought you forth in grace. Look at how your old life was buried. The wages of sin is death and you were wrapped in grave clothes as Jesus was placed in the tomb. You were buried with Him. He took you with Him to the cross and you were with Him in the grave. He made you to be a partaker in the benefits of His death. You died when he died in your stead. He took the wrath that your sins deserved and buried your sin no more to be brought up again! Where is the evidence of your accuser? All your sins have been buried! Let the devil hunt for any of your sin.  They were all buried with Him as He bore them in His body. Your sins are all gone just as He is no longer in the grave.
No amount of excavation can uncover your iniquities. Your old life is hid with Christ as you have been buried with Him in baptism. Your baptism was meant to illustrate your connection to Christ. Your baptism was a picture of how you were buried.  It is a past experience of burial before you were baptized. Your baptism is meant to illustrate your past experience of salvation whereby all your sin was buried with Him. Baptism is not meant for a future burial but pictures the covering of your sins as something that already took place. What a blessing that we do not need to cover our sins again and again. They were covered once for all time as they were buried with Him! Why would you seek to become downcast by digging up this burial? Who can lay a charge against God’s elect when all their sin has been buried with Him? Do not allow the devil to lay charges of guilt in conscience.
Observe how that burial was only temporary to prepare you for a new life. You were also raised up with Him!  You were born again and walked out of the grave when your sins were buried with His death. You arose from the grave with Him to walk in newness of everlasting life. You were raised up by grace through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead. You believed that He died on your behalf and your faith was a gift of God. God gave you new life and caused you to be born as a child of grace. Your sins have brought you low in burial but you were also raised up to be seated in the heavenlies with Him. Do not stay down in the muck and mire of sin and death. You have been raised up.  Do not put on those old grave clothes when you have been robed with the righteousness of Jesus.
You have been raised up to walk out of that cemetery. Your faith has made you well. Stop doubting and continue believing that He who began that good work in you when he raised you up, will Himself fully complete it. His power and grace has raised you up and that same power and grace will keep you up.  Oh death where is your sting? Oh grave where is thy victory? Sin shall no longer have any dominion in your resurrected life. Your new life was the working of God. God raised up Jesus from the dead and He has raised you up with Him. He will continue to carry you safely to His heavenly kingdom.  He will never leave you all alone. He has already forgiven you for all your sin. Go now and sin no more. Show Him how thankful you are for this great gift of a second life in Christ. Take this clean slate of forgiveness and show others how happy you are for redeeming grace.  Keep this picture of your new birth in the wallet of your mind and share the joy of your new birth with someone that you see today.
A blessed life ought to be a happy life so smile today,
Brother Chris