The Gentleness of the Lord

Ezekiel 2:9 ” Then I looked, and behold a hand was extended to me; and lo, a scroll was in it” ….. 3:2 “So I opened my mouth, and He fed me this scroll”.

Good day to you my Christian friend. Come let us sit at the feet of that great prophet of old Ezekiel as he shares about when the Lord called Him to minister. He had a vision of the glory of the Lord Jesus and then heard a voice speak.  As the voice spoke, the Spirit entered our brother and he understood that he was being sent to proclaim Gods truth and grace. The voice of the Lord told Ezekiel to open his mouth and eat what is given.  It is here where Ezekiel shares ” then I looked, and a hand was extended to me”.

What a picture of the gentleness of the Lord Jesus as He extends His hand to feed His people. Oh how the arm of the Lord is outstretched towards His people! The Lord has prepared the best sweet news and personally delivers it to the souls of His people. The hand of the Lord is extended with mercy and kindness. The hand of the Lord is extended with the strength of grace. He has reached down from heaven to extend spiritual bread of life.

“The hand was extended to me”. Ezekiel has no doubt heard of how the hand of the Lord was extended to many others in the past, but now he is about to eat from the Lords hand for himself. What a blessed experience to be hand fed by the Lord! Notice that when the hand of the Lord was extended and opened, “lo, a scroll was in it”.  It was writings from God that Ezekiel was told to eat. He would chew on the Scriptures as a cow chews its cud. He would hide the words of this scroll in his heart that he might not sin. He would meditate day and night so his way would be prosperous. Ezekiel understood that he must not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

“So I opened my mouth” was his response to the extended hand with the scroll. How easy of a response that the Lord required. Even a small child can open his mouth. Who would close a mouth to the benefits of this scroll? Why not open wide and eat all the more as the day is approaching. What anticipation must be going on in the heart of Ezekiel as he waits with open mouth. His taste buds are stirred like waters ready for dipping. He has tasted much of sin and death in his life thus far, but now is ready to taste divine truth and grace. The Spirit has come and wet his appetite for more about Jesus. There he is with mouth open wide “and He fed me this scroll”.

Can you relate with the joy unspeakable when Ezekiel mentions “He fed me”? Do you know any of this experience? Surely Christ has extended His hand to you. Can you recall when you first chewed on the gospel and found it to be like honey to your soul? Don’t let your taste buds grow weary and dull to the sweetness of Jesus as he is found in the scroll. Take, eat His body and your hunger for righteousness shall be satisfied. You still have the scroll once delivered for all the saints. An open mouth means having an open Bible. You may not see His hand but as you read he will be sure to feed you.

Do you feel weak? Go to the scroll and get some honey for your life today. Do not live on bread alone. Feed your soul more and your soul shall be more strong and healthy.  Just open your mouth and he will feed you. Tell the devil that you will no longer close your mouth to the scroll.  Eat more and you will become more like Him who saved you by His grace. Eat more and you shall find more joy in your trials. Eat more and your soul will be satisfied with that peace that is beyond human comprehension. Let the cup of your life today runneth over with the honey of Jesus as you feed on His words to you.

” I will never leave you”.  “I will provide all of your needs”. “I will carry you safely to the heavenly kingdom”.

Brother Chris

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